Bibiana Macdonald

Yoga Instructor
Bibiana Macdonald

Bibiana moved to Georgia from Galveston , Tx in 2013. After 22 years of dedicating her life to a career of helping others in their time of need, she decided to take a break. That was when she rediscovered yoga. She walked in to John’s Creek Yoga studio in 2014, she realized that this was the place where she wanted to explore the practice further.

After a significant time away from her career, Bibiana decided to go back to work part time. At this point, she felt something was missing, and she turned to yoga to get a sense of community.

With a feeling of belongingness and purpose, she decided to join the 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training at John’s Creek Yoga. A decision that has been personally rewarding.

Bibiana’s goal is to share her love of the practice and guide others into understanding the beauty of yoga.