Pose of the Month: Titthibasana (Firefly)


Have you ever wondered how to create some of the spectacular yoga poses you see in pictures?  Titthibasana is one of our favorites.  In honor of June and the reappearance of our lovely Georgia fireflies, we thought you might learn how to become one yourself. Here are some tips:


  • Begin in a standing forward fold.
  • Step the feet wider than the hips, and gently bend the knees.
  • Work the right shoulder around behind the right calf, then do the same for the left.
  • Place the hands on the floor slightly behind the body, and gently rock the body weight back.
  • Deepen the bend in both knees, and squeeze the inner thighs around the upper arms.
  • Drop the seat, and use the upper arms as a throne.
  • Press firmly throughout the hands into the earth, and lightly lift the feet forward.
  • Rest the gaze forward, and press the arms into the legs.
  • SHINE!